Repairs, restoration and valuations

Our highly skilled and qualified staff have experience in all kinds of repairs, restoration work and set-up work on violins, violas, cellos and double basses. Please bring your instrument in any weekday for an obligation-free quote. Unfortunately we cannot quote over the phone or by email.

Note on double basses: We repair and restore double basses. If you do have a double bass that needs repair, please call first to make an appointment, as we might not be able to store it for you if we have others in the workshop.

Note on collection of complete repairs: Please note that if you have not collected your repaired instrument/bow within three months, we cannot ensure it’s storage or safety thereafter.

Bow rehairs and repairs

We can usually offer a 24-hour bow rehair service, excepting weekends, using excellent quality bow hair. If you require a 24 hour job, please ensure you book first.

We can also do all kinds of bow repairs and restoration work.


We are able to do valuations and quotations for insurance purposes and also for approved insurance repairs. Please call with your needs and we will schedule an appointment for you.

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