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  • S437 Gaetano Gadda, Mantua, Italy, 1940

    Gaetano Gadda, one of Italy’s most prolific and important twentieth century violin makers, was the the heir and only true pupil of Stefano Scarampella. In 1940 when this violin was made, Scarampella still exerted a huge influence on Gadda’s work, despite his death 15 years before. This can be seen in the full but elegant arching, the beautifully cut ‘f’ holes with their tapering wings, the roundness and warmth of the edges and corners, and the vigour of the scroll. The tone is brilliant and projecting, with a silvery sheen and a resonant richness on the E string. It is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity by Jacques Français.

    Start sale price: P.O.A.

    Back length: 354.0mm
    UB: 165.5mm
    MB: 112.0mm
    LB: 205.0mm
    Stop length: 193.0mm

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    S454 Violin, Ian Sweetman, Hamilton, New Zealand, 1993

    $ 10,000.00

    Ian Sweetman was one of New Zealand’s most skilled and respected violin makers. After spending some months in the New York workshops of Jacques Français in the late 1960’s, under the tutelage of René Morel, he was able to bring back a wealth of information to New Zealand on both violin making and restoration. This violin was made twenty-five years later, when Ian was in his early 70’s. The tone, as with all of Ian’s violins, is resonant and even, with good projection, and in this instance has an extra quality of brilliance that makes it suitable for solo performance.

    Start sale price: $10,000.00

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    S440 Violin Adrian Studer, Nelson, New Zealand 2006

    $ 12,000.00

    Adrian Studer trained at the Swiss Violin Making School in Brienz and moved to New Zealand in the mid-1980’s, where he rapidly established himself as one of New Zealand’s finest violin makers. Most of his violins since the mid-1990’s have been based on the work of Storioni, but this instrument, made in 2006, follows the style of Guarneri del Gesu. The tone is rich and robust on the lower strings, with a silvery quality in the upper registers.

    Start sale price: $13,000.00

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    S513 “Charles Jean-Baptiste Collin-Mezin”, France, 1925

    $ 12,000.00

    Charles Jean-Baptiste Collin-Mezin is one of the more well-known French makers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  His own work, culminating in a Grand Prix in 1900, enabled him to expand his workshop, employing a small number of skilled luthiers to make the subsequent violins that bear his label and signature.  This violin, dated two years after his death in 1923, is one of the last examples of their work, which followed Collin-Mezin’s vision closely.  The tone is full and clear, with character and brilliance in the higher registers and richness on the lower strings.

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    S530 Unlabelled, handmade, possibly French, mid-late eighteenth century

    $ 16,000.00

    The maker of this attractive and intriguing mid-late eighteenth century violin has drawn his inspiration from the work of Guarneri del Gesu, while embracing stylistic elements from the Amati family and his own imagination. For much of the eighteenth century outside Italy, makers favoured high rounded archings in the style of Jacobus Stainer. Towards the end of this period, when larger performing venues demanded greater projection, Stradivari and Guarneri models became more fashionable. The upper registers have brilliance, and the lower strings a very characterful throatiness.

    Start sale price: $16,000.00

    Measurements (over the arching):
    Back length:       360.5mm
    UB:                         166.0mm
    MB:                        112.0mm
    LB:                          209.5mm
    Stop length:       194.0mm

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