We have a wide variety of cellos available for sale in our showroom. Every cello has been restored and set up to the best possible playing standard. We encourage you to come and try our cellos, and you can take items away on appraisal to ensure you find the right cello for your playing style and aspirations.

Please note that bows and cases are NOT included with the cello unless indicated.

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    B912 3/4 size, Chinese, handmade, with hard case

    $ 4,000.00

    This small sized cello is a good example of the better quality student instruments currently made in China. The wood of both back and belly is well selected and the fingerboard is of ebony. Comes with case.

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    S520 Labelled “Czechoslovakia”, early-mid twentieth century with SKB case

    $ 5,000.00

    We tend to think of Germany as the historic hub of European violin-family manufacture, but Bohemia, which became part of Czechoslovakia after WWI, and of the Czech Republic since 1993, also played an important role. By the 1890’s the principal violin-making town of Schoenbach could produce upwards of 150,000 violins a year. This cello is typical of middle-grade Czechoslovakian student range instruments of the early-mid twentieth century, with solid-carved European spruce and maple, decent workmanship and a sweet and reliable tone. It comes with a good-quality SKB cello hardcase.

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    B934 3/4 size ‘Handarbeit aus Mittenwald’, Germany 1960

    $ 6,000.00

    It is unusual to find smaller cellos of this quality, suitable for either a young but advanced student or someone of small build. The varnish is applied in the French Mirecourt style and the “Stradivari” modelling is slim and elegant. The cello comes with a bow and soft bag.

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    S261 Labelled “Bergonzi”, handmade Chinese, 2007

    $ 7,900.00 $ 6,900.00

    In the decade following the year 2000, a number of well-made violins and cellos were imported into New Zealand from China under the trade name “Bergonzi”. This cello is a typical example, finished with a warm, dark brown, spirit-based varnish, which complements the strikingly-flamed maple back, ribs and neck on the back. The workmanship of the edges and other details is crisp and assured. The instrument is responsive and balanced across all four strings; the A and D strings are particularly resonant.

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