Workshop workout: cases

October 10, 2016
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Workout? Well, sometimes carrying your case around does feel like you’re having a decent workout in the gym!


But that’s not what this piece is about. How can you stop your case getting the worse of you?


Ever grabbed your case as you hurry out the door, only to find you’d left the catches or zips undone? You lunge frantically at your violin, viola or cello, and it’s only a miracle it doesn’t end up on the floor.

What about the backflip your violin or viola case makes, when you put just one piece of music too many into the top pocket of the lid?

Then there’s the case lid that’s too low, so the inside presses down on your bridge.  Or the bow catches that stick out too far. Fine if you (and everyone else in the universe) treats your case with kid gloves … But one day someone pushes past you in a crowded corridor, the case slips out of your hands and bang …


So what can you do? Here’s a check list:

If you put your instrument in its case, even for a moment, either leave the case wide open, or close it properly. And secure the Velcro straps round the neck.

  1. Check that the lid leaves plenty of space above the bridge – if you’re not sure, chalk the top of your bridge, close the case, then check the inside of the lid for chalk marks.
  2. Violinists, and viola players – always, always take the shoulder rest or pad off before closing the lid.
  3. Do the chalk test on your bow catches too.
  4. BUT … make sure your bow catches stick out far enough not to pull the bow sideways and warp it.
  5. Check your zips and catches – don’t trust them not to let go, just as a truck and trailer unit passes by …
  6. Try putting pressure on the case lid WHEN THE INSTRUMENT IS NOT INSIDE (!). If you can move the lid more than the tiniest fraction, buy a new case.

And what damage is your case doing to you?


There are wonderful lightweight options these days!


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