Violins under $10,000

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  • S310 “Peter Madill”, Five-String Violin, Auckland, New Zealand, 1981

    $ 7,000.00

    Five-string violins, especially those custom-made as such, are very rare, and a real delight to play in a non-classical context, once the initial adjustment to having a low C string as well as an E string are made. This violin was made for Cath Newhook, who used it for a number of years in her country band “Gentle Annie”. It has been fitted with a Zeta five-string electric bridge and tailpiece, with a mini-jack plug fitting on the latter. This would be a great fiddle for adventurous explorers of the folk, country, blues or rock soundscapes.

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  • S316 “Thomas Warren” #19, New Zealand, 1981

    $ 9,000.00

    For much of the late 20th century, Tom Warren was one of the most prominent and prolific violin makers in New Zealand. His instruments, made with exquisite craftsmanship, have been owned by many professional players, and his copies of Stradivari’s decorated violins, notably the “Hellier”, are stunningly executed. This violin is relatively early but is made with the same precision and elegance as any of his later instruments. It has a clear, even tone, with strength in the upper registers. The varnish is a warm brown-red colour, the scroll edges picked out in black in the French Stradivari style, in keeping with the cleanly cut edge work.

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