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    C412 Conrad Götz  15 1/4″ viola model VI10, Bubenreuth, Germany, 1975

    $ 2,200.00

    Conrad Götz Jr. founded his manufacturing workshop in a small town near Markneukirchen in Saxony in 1884, initially making strings, pegs and rosin. The company prospered, and by WWII it had diversified into a wide range of musical instruments. Confiscation of the Götz property by the communist East German government after the war saw them relocate to Bubenreth, in West Germany, where this viola was made. After the reunification of Germany, their old premises near Markneukirchen were returned to them, where they now focus on bowed stringed instruments, bows, and their accessories. This small-sized viola has been fully re-set up in our workshops and fitted with Kaplan stings.

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    S234, Viola, “Malcolm Collins”, #20, Upper Hutt, New Zealand, 1985

    $ 11,000.00 $ 9,500.00


    This is a relatively early viola by esteemed Upper Hutt violin maker Malcolm Collins – last year (2014) Malcolm made viola #60. A viola player himself, Malcolm has always been eager to keep his violas within a manageable size while enhancing depth and richness of tone. To this end, he favours a medium body size, broad bouts and deep ribs. The workmanship of this instrument is exquisite, as ever, and the pale gold varnish enhances the wood without hiding any detail.



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  • S328 Anthony Elmsly viola

    $ 12,000.00

    A 2016  instrument by specialist viola maker Anthony Elmsly. With a body length of 41.3cm (41.6 over the arch) this is a classic, manageably sized instrument, with the design based on some of the most successful alto sized models in history; the much copied “Conte Vitale” and “Primrose” violas by Andrea Guarneri. The sound of this instrument is strong and even across the range.

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    S381 Harold Walker, Illinois, No.3, 1977

    $ 12,000.00

    Harold Walker was an American violin maker with an association, both formal and informal, with Carl Becker, of the prestigious violin shop “Carl Becker and Son”, in Chicago. He sometimes worked in Becker’s shop and was also a great fishing buddy. While he isn’t noted as a top professional maker, Walker made very playable, well-crafted instruments. This viola has a full, warm lower range and a clear upper register. It was the preferred instrument of a professional player for many years.

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  • B918 Adrian Studer, Nelson 1990

    $ 14,000.00

    It isn’t often we feature the owner of an instrument but this viola and its player have played such an important role in Dunedin’s musical life we feel the following biography needs no apology. Jack Speirs studied composition, music history, conducting, violin and viola in Edinburgh and Berlin before taking up a lectureship in music at the University of Otago in 1965. He was well-known as a violin and viola teacher, composer, orchestral and chamber music player, and soloist. He was musical director of the Dunedin Civic orchestra, now the Southern Sinfonia, for 15 years. This viola has a rich, warm, clear sound with a strong, projecting bass. As with all Studer’s instruments it is beautifully made.

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    S398 15″ viola, unlabelled, Klotz School, Mittenwald, mid-late eighteenth century

    $ 15,500.00

    This beautiful little viola has a warm, resonant tone on all strings, including the C string—a remarkable quality given that its body length is just short of 15 inches (380). The belly is very finely grained—typical of Mittenwald instruments of this period—and the amber-coloured oil varnish harmonises with the wood on all surfaces. Elegant, narrow edges compliment the small, characterful scroll.


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    Measurements (over the arching):

    Back length:       380.0mm

    UB:                         179.0mm

    MB:                        122.5mm

    LB:                          222.0mm

    Stop length:       210.0mm

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