We have a wide variety of violins available for sale in our showroom. Every violin has been restored and set up to the best possible playing standard. We encourage you to come and try our instruments, and you can take items away on appraisal to ensure you find the right violin for your playing style and aspirations.

Please note that bows and cases are NOT included with the violin unless indicated.

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    “Paganini” ¾ violin, China, with bow and case

    $ 995.00

    The Paganini C500 series violins are fully hand-carved, using well-seasoned maple and spruce. Ebony pegs and fingerboard, and our own professional-fitted bridge and soundpost, along with Thomastik Vision strings, a carbonfibre adjuster tailpiece, a quality Brazilwood bow and an attractive and strong half-moon case, make this responsive instrument an excellent choice for students in the lower grades. The Vision strings give this violin a silvery quality.

    Start sale price: $995.00

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    S217, “Antonio Strings” ¼ size violin “ASLH” with case and “Gill” bow

    $ 1,975.00

    This attractive and well-made violin was made in the Chinese workshops of Ling Hua Zhen, winner of the 2004 and 2008 Violin Society of America competition. Ling Hua’s excellent understanding of violin making can be seen in both construction and wood selection. The varnish is an appealing golden brown colour. The violin is accompanied by a good case and a German “Gill” bow, and would suit a talented six to seven year old player.

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    S457 3/4 Hermann Dölling Jr, Germany, late nineteenth or early twentieth century

    $ 2,500.00

    This attractive three-quarter-size violin was made by the Hermann Dölling workshops in Markneukirchen, Germany, sometime between 1880 and 1923. The term “Französische”, on the label, reinforces the fact that the violin is modelled on the French Mirecourt style. The tone is very full and resonant for a fractional-sized instrument and will reward a young student advancing through the middle grades and beyond. The violin comes with a serviceable, lightweight, oblong case.

    Start sale price: $2,500.00

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