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    S430 Gavin Macalister violin, London, 1989

    $ 15,000.00

    Gavin Macalister trained at the Newark School of Violin Making before working for Dietrich Kessler at the London workshop of Edward Withers, in Wardow St. This handsome violin is an excellent example of his work during this period. The model is a personal interpretation of the Stradivari style, cleanly and elegantly executed. The tone is resonant and characterful, with good projection in the upper registers. The violin would suit an advanced student or emerging professional player.

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    S398 15″ viola, unlabelled, Klotz School, Mittenwald, mid-late eighteenth century

    $ 15,500.00

    This beautiful little viola has a warm, resonant tone on all strings, including the C string—a remarkable quality given that its body length is just short of 15 inches (380). The belly is very finely grained—typical of Mittenwald instruments of this period—and the amber-coloured oil varnish harmonises with the wood on all surfaces. Elegant, narrow edges compliment the small, characterful scroll.


    Start sale price: $15,500.00


    Measurements (over the arching):

    Back length:       380.0mm

    UB:                         179.0mm

    MB:                        122.5mm

    LB:                          222.0mm

    Stop length:       210.0mm

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    S323 Noel Sweetman cello, #49, Cambridge, New Zealand, 2007

    $ 18,000.00

    Noel Sweetman has become New Zealand’s most prolific cello maker—this handsome instrument, made over a decade ago, is his forty-ninth. Unlike his earlier cellos, this has a subtly antiqued finish, especially on the belly, with a golden orange-brown varnish still in remarkably good condition. The tone is warm and expressive with good projection in all registers, and very little trace of a wolf note. This cello would be a great instrument for an advanced student or emerging professional.

    Start sale price: $18,000.00



    Back length:       756.5mm
    UB:                         345.5mm|
    MB:                        239.0mm
    LB:                          442.5mm
    Stop length:       395.0mm

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  • B990 Noel Sweetman, #17, Cambridge, New Zealand, 1996

    $ 22,000.00

    This is a very representative example of Noel Sweetman’s work of that period, during which he made a number of cellos on this large Stradivari model. The varnish is a warm golden brown colour and the maple of the back has a very narrow, regular, attractive flame. The workmanship is very good, and the tone is clear and projects well. This instrument would be suitable for an advanced student or a young professional player.

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    S416 probably Charles John Wilkinson violin, London, early-mid twentieth century

    $ 22,000.00

    Although this violin lacks a label, its provenance indicates a strong likelihood that it was made by the London violinmaker Charles John Wilkinson, whose instruments this violin closely resembles. Charles John Wilkinson made instruments for G Withers and later for J and A Beare, following the work of Cremonese, Milanese and Turinese originals. His personal history is documented well here; The article describes a shy, retiring man who overcame serious injury to gain very considerable skill as a luthier. The wood of the back and ribs is a lovely, soft-textured birds-eye maple, and the honey-brown varnish is pleasantly antiqued. The tone is open and even, with a clear, characterful resonance, and strong projection in the upper registers.

    Start sale price: $22,000.00

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