We have a wide variety of cellos available for sale in our showroom. Every cello has been restored and set up to the best possible playing standard. We encourage you to come and try our cellos, and you can take items away on appraisal to ensure you find the right cello for your playing style and aspirations.

Please note that bows and cases are NOT included with the cello unless indicated.

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    S333 Edward Burr, Wellington, New Zealand 1927

    $ 15,000.00

    Edward Burr was New Zealand’s first professional full-time luthier, setting up his workshop in Wellington in 1921 and producing over 155 instruments before his death in 1938. He had made well over 100 violins before he embarked on his first cellos in 1927, but made up for lost time by producing four of them in the space of a year. The wood is well-chosen: the back and ribs have a narrow, light flame and the neck and scroll are particularly handsome, with a strong narrow flame which is enhanced by the golden brown varnish used over the whole instrument. This would be an excellent instrument for a talented and advancing student.

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    S369 “Malcolm Collins” cello #28, Upper Hutt, New Zealand, 2015

    $ 17,000.00

    Like several of his luthier contemporaries, Malcolm Collins received early training and mentoring from the “father” of modern New Zealand violin making, Ian Sweetman. A prolific maker, with an excellent eye and steady hand, Malcolm is still active in his 70’s. This, his twenty eighth cello, has an attractive delicately flamed maple back with matching ribs. His making style is bold and broad, though tempered with finely cut edges and purfling. The model, influenced by Montagnana, delivers a full, projecting sound, with both clarity and warmth.

    Start sale price: $17,000.00

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    S323 Noel Sweetman cello, #49, Cambridge, New Zealand, 2007

    $ 18,000.00

    Noel Sweetman has become New Zealand’s most prolific cello maker—this handsome instrument, made over a decade ago, is his forty-ninth. Unlike his earlier cellos, this has a subtly antiqued finish, especially on the belly, with a golden orange-brown varnish still in remarkably good condition. The tone is warm and expressive with good projection in all registers, and very little trace of a wolf note. This cello would be a great instrument for an advanced student or emerging professional.

    Start sale price: $18,000.00



    Back length:       756.5mm
    UB:                         345.5mm|
    MB:                        239.0mm
    LB:                          442.5mm
    Stop length:       395.0mm

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  • B990 Noel Sweetman, #17, Cambridge, New Zealand, 1996

    $ 22,000.00

    This is a very representative example of Noel Sweetman’s work of that period, during which he made a number of cellos on this large Stradivari model. The varnish is a warm golden brown colour and the maple of the back has a very narrow, regular, attractive flame. The workmanship is very good, and the tone is clear and projects well. This instrument would be suitable for an advanced student or a young professional player.

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