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    Korean viola bows

    $ 70.00

    Sturdy beginner bow with wooden frog. Available for full size viola.

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    Va72 Schumann, China, 2020

    $ 110.00

    Schumann bows are made in China, both from wood and from carbon fibre. This model is their entry-level wooden bow, but despite its modest price it is very neatly made, with Parisian eyes, nickel-silver mounts and an exotically-patterned abalone slide. The stick is strong and reliable, drawing a warm, full sound, and articulating cleanly.

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    Va73, Unstamped “Schumann”, China, early twenty-first century

    $ 375.00

    This well-finished, silver-mounted, Chinese viola bow is marketed under the “Schumann” brand, although the stick itself is not stamped. The workmanship is very clean, and the pearl slide is particularly attractive. The stick, made from “Ipe” wood, a fine-grained alternative to pernambuco, is very steady on the string, articulates well and has a strong, clear spiccato. Silver mounts on a bow of this price is remarkably good value for money.

    Start sale price: $375.00

    Bow weight: 70.6 grams

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    “Dörfler” #8, Bubenreuth, Germany

    $ 390.00

    The Brazilwood for these well-made student bows is Massaranduba, a particularly strong, hard species. As a result, the stick has very good playing characteristics for the price. The fully-lined African ebony frogs are finished with nickel mounts and elegant Parisian eyes. Founded by Aegidius Dörfler four generations ago, “Dörfler” is still owned and operated by the Dörfler family, and produce a wide range of good-quality bows.

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    C480 Unlabelled, Germany, early-mid twentieth century

    $ 550.00

    The strong pernambuco wood used to make this unstamped German viola bow gives it a very workable set of playing skills. The stick sits very steadily on the string even in fast legato and string-crossing passages, the bounce is clean and easily controlled, and despite the relatively light weight overall, the bow produces a warm, clear tone.

    Start sale price: $550.00

    Bow weight: 65.30 grams

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    C485 “Ary France”, Carmaux, France, late twentieth century

    $ 650.00

    Ary France was founded in the 1980’s in Carmaux, a town in Southern France, as a large commercial bow-making workshop producing good-quality student bows under the guidance of the famous Lyon bowmaker, Jean-Frédéric Schmitt. Initially they focused on traditional wooden bows, using well-selected pernambuco, but diversified into carbon-fibre bow manufacture in the mid-1990’s. This cleanly-made viola bow has a strong, round, pernambuco stick which sits very steadily on the string but also articulates and bounces well.

    Start sale price: $650.00

    Bow weight: 68.0 grams

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    C481 “R. Paesold” model #192, Germany, late twentieth century

    $ 800.00

    Roderick Paesold started his bow-making workshop in 1919, re-locating to Bubenreuth after WWII and using the extensive contacts he had made in Britain during the war to extend his export reach. The company still specialised in bows until 1968, when Paesold began making high-quality bowed string instruments as well.

    This well-finished viola bow has a strong, pernambuco stick with good playing characteristics—a steady, smooth legato, a good spiccato near the balance point and clean articulation. The tone produced is full and warm.

    Start sale price: $800.00

    Bow weight: 74.0 grams

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    C408 Unstamped viola bow, European, late nineteenth century

    $ 1,295.00

    This unstamped, round, European viola bow has silver mounts and a hybrid version of the
    Vuillaume” frog, giving it good stability at the handle. Extensively restored in our bow workshop, the bow has a good blend of playing characteristics, combining steadiness in fast legato passages, precise articulation and an excellent spiccato. It is priced remarkably well for a silver-mounted bow.

    Start sale price: $1295.00

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    S406 Richard Grünke, Bubenreuth, Germany, mid-twentieth century

    $ 5,000.00

    Richard Grünke is one of Germany’s most prestigious modern bow makers. After training with Edwin Hermann and the H.R. Pfretzschner workshop, he joined the Roderick Paesold workshops, where he was their master bow maker for over twenty years. This fine, silver-mounted viola bow, made during that period, is stamped with Grünke’s name; the frog also bears the shield symbol containing his initials which he used at that time. The strong, octagonal stick is made from selected pernambuco, and is both steady and responsive. This bow would suit a professional player or advanced student planning for a career as a viola player.


    Start sale price: $5,000.00


    Bow weight: 67.1 grams

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    B919 Joseph Arthur Vigneron “Vigneron Père”, Paris, late nineteenth or early twentieth century

    $ 15,500.00

    Joseph Arthur Vigneron, otherwise known as “Vigneron Père”, trained as a bow maker in Mirecourt, but moved to Paris, initially to work for Gand and Bernadel, before setting up his own workshop. His workmanship is bold but skilful, with broad chamfers at the back of the head. This fine viola bow is a wonderful example of his work, with large pins, typically small Parisian eyes, and a strong, round, well-selected pernambuco stick. The playing characteristics are excellent, as one would expect from a bow of this quality.

    Start sale price: $15,500.00

    Bow weight: 66.0 grams

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