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  • Replacement Parts

    We stock a range of replacement parts for Kun and Wolf shoulder rests. These include:

    -End Members
    -Kun 35mm extra long foot (pictured)

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  • Loft Sponge

    $ 13.50

    The Loft sponge is a soft and affordable shoulder rest option.

    Available in sizes 2, 4, 5, and 6, to fit violins size 1/16 through to full size.

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  • Kun Original

    $ 60.00$ 79.00

    This simple classic design is a top seller, and one of the most adjustable of the Kun range. The rests are also fitted with a locking device to ensure that it does not rotate too far and damage the instrument.

    Available for viola, violin (4/4), violin (½-3/4 ) and mini (1/8-1/4)

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  • Kun Collapsible

    $ 64.00$ 82.00

    A travel friendly rest, the Collapsible is modelled on the Kun Original.

    Available for viola, violin (4/4), violin (½-3/4 ) and mini (1/4-1/16th)

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  • Wolf Forte Secondo

    $ 64.00$ 68.00

    These kidney-shaped rests are excellent for those with a longer neck. The aluminium plate backing can be bent to customise the shape.

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  • Wolf Forte Primo

    $ 64.00$ 68.00

    This is a straighter, flatter Wolf, which suits some players better. Excellent shape for those with longer necks.

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  • Kun Super

    $ 67.00$ 75.00

    This rest is slightly flatter than the Original and is fixed on one side, and with one quick release foot that can allow for fine adjustment.

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  • Bonmusica

    $ 125.00

    The Bonmusica is a highly customisable, unique rest that hooks over the shoulder.

    Available for 4/4 violin.
    Viola and fractional violin sizes available upon request.

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  • Kun Bravo

    $ 199.00$ 230.00

    This professional level rest is exceptionally strong and robustly made with quality fittings.  Based on the Original model, it is handcrafted in Italy from European flamed maple and its polished brass ends are fully adjustable.

    Available for viola and violin (4/4) Available also with collapsible feet.

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  • Kun Voce

    $ 223.00

    The Voce is wider than the other Kun rests, and is made of carbon-fibre – thus making it incredibly strong and stable, whilst being very lightweight.

    Available for full-size violin.

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