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November 3, 2016
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Nowadays, it seems like every time you turn a corner, there’s a new string brand strolling round the block. Mostly they have exotic names like Evah Pirazzi, or uplifting names like Vision. Famous string players peer out at you from the pages of The Strad or Strings Magazine, and tell you in hallowed tones how important this or that string is for their playing career. One corner I turned recently brought me face to face with a player I adore, behaving in a rather less-than-hallowed way!



A new string produced by Thomastik Infeld, in Vienna, is the Lakatos Pizzicato, specially developed for Roby Lakatos by Thomastik. In their own words the strings “combine beautiful balance, an open and powerful sound, direct response and great playability!”

Roby Lakatos (pronounced “La-ka-tosh”) is – in my humble opinion – one of the world’s great violinists. Anyone who has listened to ”Live From Budapest” has heard Roby and his band effortlessly straddle a multiplicity of styles, from Gypsy to Jazz and beyond.


If you buy Lakatos strings from us (or any string, for that matter) don’t forget to bring your instrument with you. We provide a free string fitting service – and we’ll check out your string slots and other set-up issues at the same time!

And now …

From the sublime to the – well, easier than it might be …

ABC is not just for dummies. It also stands for Arm Bow Corrector, and addresses the age-old problem of how to train the bow arm to draw a straight line in the air. When I was teaching violin, I used to save up my used-up Glad Wrap tubes and get my beginner students to bow through them (with the tube held up by the left shoulder of course!).


The Arm Bow Corrector is a more sophisticated but still easy-to-fit option that allows the student to get the feel of a straight bow stroke while playing the violin.


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