Level One is here!

Level One is here!

June 9, 2020
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Congratulations on all your efforts to help New Zealand get to this point. It has involved huge sacrifice, with musicians and other Arts creatives taking a massive hit. I am in awe of all of you!

Now we’re back to “normal”…


We are so pleased with some of our Covid layout changes, we are going to continue with them. The showroom counter has been a great success and has enabled us to inspect instruments with you and fill in forms so much more easily. And we now have a mobile eftpos terminal, so you can pay anywhere in the building, or even in the carpark!

We still need contact tracing, which we will do both with the Government QR Covid Tracer app, and with paper records as before. If you have the Tracer App on your phone, you can scan it on our veranda whiteboard as you come in. But if you prefer not to use it, that’s fine too.

We are continuing to disinfect surfaces, including the contact areas of instruments – so you can be sure our chinrests and instrument necks will be Covid-clean.For this, we will be primarily using a viruscide, not an alcohol-based product, so that we don’t damage any varnish. We will also continue asking you to hand-wash, if you are going to handle our instruments and bows. Please don’t bring any alcohol-based hand sanitisers with you. Alcohol eats varnish!

At Level One, you won’t need to make an appointment to see us for repair consultations or for small things like buying strings and rosin.

But we still urge you to make an appointment for longer processes, where you need to spend extended time in our showroom trying out bows or instruments, or if you want to hire an instrument from us.

Having an appointment means we will be able to look after you much better than we can if you just walk in the door.

Congratulations on all your efforts to help us all get to this point!



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