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Charles Buthod worked for Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume before establishing a large workshop in Mirecourt in the mid-nineteenth century, initially called “Husson, Buthod et Thibouville” and later famous as the French production house “Jrôme Thibouville-Lamy” or “J.T.L.”, of which Buthod was for many years a director. This bow, although it bears his name, was not made by him, but produced in Thibouville-Lamy’s bow department, where his name was used as one of a number of brands. The bow is steady in the hand, has good spiccato and articulation, and makes a smooth, creamy sound. The frog shape has been slightly altered at some point, which has affected the value, making this a very affordable bow for an advancing student.

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Bow weight: 61.5 grams

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