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Violinists are mostly familiar with violins produced by the workshops of Charles Jean-Baptiste Collin-Mézin and his son of the same name. Less well-known is the fact that the Collin-Mézins also sold bows, although they didn’t employ an in-house bow maker. Instead, as was common in France at the time, they purchased bows from an independent bow maker, in this case the now-renowned Louis Morizot, and his four talented bow-making sons.

This is a beautiful player’s bow, smooth and silky on the string but with an effortless articulation in awkward string crossing passages, and an exciting sautillé. At 62.4 grams, it has enough weight to pull a big sound, while the balance makes it feel light in the hand. The frog has a fairly typical Morizot rounded back.

Weight: 62.4 grams

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