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Pirastro Evah Pirazzi is an outstanding string at the higher end of the price scale.  It’s more brilliant that the Obligato, silvery, powerful, and with a great deal of character.  It is very popular with professional players, whether soloists, chamber music players or orchestral musicians.  These strings need two or three days to stabilise, as they tend to stretch a great deal when new.  If your instrument has a bright, edgy sound already, you may prefer using Obligatos.  These are proving very popular with cellists who find the Obligato strings lacking in brilliance, but who want an alternative to the Larsen/Spirocore tungsten set-up. Evah Pirazzi Gold are warmer than the standard Evah, and designed for those that appreciate the directness and drive of the Evah, but wish to enrich the tone.
(Evah Pirazzi available for violin, viola and cello. Evah Pirazzi Gold available for violin and viola – cello on request.)

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