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The modern trend with European bow manufacturers is to stamp a legitimate brand name on their bows, either that of a founding bow maker (for example, “Dörfler” or “Paesold”) or a simple brand name, like “Ary France”. Before the mid-twentieth century, however, bows, like violins, were often stamped with the name of an illustrious maker, a pioneer of the craft, such as Tourte. Ludwig Bausch was informally regarded as the “German Tourte” and we find his name on German-manufactured bows almost as often as that of his illustrious predecessor.

This “Bausch” stamped cello bow has a strong, round, pernambuco stick, and bold Parisian eyes. At 83.1 grams, it is well-weighted to give a full, warm tone.

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Weight: 83.1 grams