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Hiring violins, violas and cellos is a staple of our business, and something we have done for over 20 years! We have a full range of sizes from 1/16 to full.

Please contact us if you would like to hire a specific size (especially a full size) so we can ensure that we have one in stock for you. If not, we can add you to our waiting list.

When considering whether to buy or hire an instrument, the one thing we must stress is: Set up, set up set up! It’s very easy to buy a cheap violin in the $100-$300 bracket, but they will most likely be direct from the factory, and will have not been ‘set up’ to correct playing standards. Beginners (and especially children) are very sensitive to discomfort. Learning a stringed instrument is difficult, and the last thing a player needs to worry about is fighting with their instrument. If an instrument is set up correctly it will be comfortable to play, the violin will stay in tune, and make a fuller sound. For us this means changing the bridge, soundpost, tailpiece, strings, planing the fingerboard and refitting or replacing the pegs. All of our hire instruments have been set up – to a value of between $300-$500 worth of work.

If you want to give your learner the best possible chance at learning and connecting with their instrument, it is very important that you consider the setup costs. Also factor in for children that they can change sizes very quickly, so being able to swap to a bigger size rental instrument with  no extra charge is very economical. However, if you have a number of children that will use the instrument, then it may be economical to set up an instrument for them all to use through the years.

Our hire rates are as follows:
You can upgrade instrument sizes at any time during the rental period for no extra charge.

Three months is the shortest hire period available.

Violin:                              $50 three months   $150 one year
Deluxe violin:                 $80 three months   $240 one year
Viola:                                $55 three months   $165 one year
Cello:                                $120 three months  $360 one year
Deluxe cello:                   $150 three months  $450 one year

Please see our Rental Terms and Conditions page also.

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