Alert Level 2 – We Are Open!

Alert Level 2 – We Are Open!

May 13, 2020
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We are really thrilled that Level 2 will allow us to see you again, and to help you personally with any repairs, needs or problems.


We will be open by appointment during our normal working hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm, and on Saturday mornings from 9.30am to 1pm.


Our Level 2 customer space is small, so we have created a new normal to keep you safe when you visit us. We have been hard at work making changes to our layout, and developing good protocols once you’re here.



Please ring or email us to make an appointment: 09 630 8421 or . If you happen to be passing, we will do our best to fit you in, but it may not be possible.


Remote options

If you still feel nervous about leaving your home, we can arrange Zoom meetings to discuss repairs and possible pick-up, remote payment and delivery options. Please call or email to book a time.


Group size

We are now working with customers in the showroom only. Because of limited space, we can only see one person or group of people at a time. This group can be up to 3 people, but if you absolutely need to bring an extra person, ring and discuss this with us first.



When you arrive at The Stringed Instrument Company, ring us on 09 6308421 from the carpark or our veranda – we’ll have seats for you there. If we confirm that there is no one else in the shop, come to the front door and we will let you in. If you have an appointment, you will be given priority.



When you arrive, we will ask you to wash your hands, if you are going to be handling instruments or bows, or trialling accessories. But if you’re just buying something like a string or a mute, we won’t need you to do this!


Do not bring alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you – alcohol damages varnish.










We are using a hospital-grade virus-killing fluid called “Viruscide” to clean all surfaces, including the eftpos machine, and we are happy for you to bring protective gloves and masks.


We need to maintain a 1 metre distance between you (and your group) and our staff at all times. So we have reconfigured the showroom to allow for this. You can stay for up to 2 hours, but because of our new appointment system, we need you to discuss why you are coming in when you ring ahead, so we can plan your appointment time length.


Contact tracing

After hand washing (if needed) you will then sign a register in the showroom to provide contact tracing.


Handling and playing instruments and bows

Within our Level 2 protocols, we will try and give you every opportunity to examine and play instruments and bows. Hire instruments will be checked by you as well as by our staff, both when issued and when returned.


Instruments and bows for possible sale can be played by you, and will be sterilised with “Viruscide” afterwards.


Take care and keep safe!


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